Healthy: This wonderful website is a meeting place for the fit and those aspiring to fitness. So the questions and answers will be never ending regarding the definition of fitness, does fitness mean healthy?, where do they meet and of course all the exciting methods of achieving fitness.

The site is meant to attract and encourage everybody with any reasonable interest in fitness. It is being set to accompany fitnessbookforteens.com and a few other sites for the heavier end of fitness such as bodybuilding and athletics.

At every level we are interested in the nutritional aspects of fitness and bringing fitness and health together in the minds of those involved. It will be a site where achievement is common not just in the blog, the articles and the chat.
Friendships will be made from around the world. Join up and test the waters.

We are also here to encourage the use of professionals in the fitness arena. As part of this we will shortly attach a listing of professional trainers from around the world and then a supportive course for those training in time slot or geographic areas where it is not possible to connect with a trainer.